If you would like to find out about some of our amazingly talented and dedicated staff members, check out these CID blogs:

Finding strength and building confidence
“When we hit difficult times, we discover so much about ourselves – our strengths, our purpose, our meaning.”


Nothing about us without us
Meet Melanie Schlaeger, a workshop facilitator with Council for Intellectual Disability’s My Choice Matters project.


Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes
Our facilitator Linda Mitchell wants to help people with disability turn their dreams into reality. To do this, she challenges people at her workshops to look inside themselves as well as seek support from others.


Please join us in welcoming facilitator Cathy
Cathy Fiden has worked in disability support her whole career. Her path to Council for Intellectual Disability (CID) has been varied and challenging. But at CID she really feels she has found her ‘perfect fit’.