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Become a Leader Online
Become a Leader will let you learn how to be a leader in your own life and in the community. The topics are:  I am a leader Asking for what I want Working with others Making change We deliver ...
Book About Me
Lots of people have decided to make a book about themselves to help other people get to know them and support them better. It means that instead of thinking about these things each time you meet somebody ...
Carol Nehme
Carol has learnt that speaking up and knowing her rights is important.
Carol's Story
Carol was told that she would never have a job, her own home or ...
Clare Walsh: Reflections on leadership
Clare Walsh was selected to take part in our Young Leaders 2016 program. Running between March and May this year, the course was the final face-to-face installment in our Become a Leader program and focused ...
Daniel Bonello: When baby steps turn into leaps
Daniel tells us about all that he learnt and how his life has transformed since the program finished. He is a graduate of the Penrith program.
George – standing up for rights
"My ability to assist people to stand up for their rights is very important for me."
Glenn Kesbah: Disability access and mobility audit
Most disabled toilet doors have spring closer mechanisms that are set way too hard for me to open
Hannen's life
Hannen talks about growing up with disability
There are four workbooks in this Become a Leader course. We think you will learn the most if you complete them in order, 1 - 4. We always suggest working with somebody that you trust or at least having ...
Irene McMinn: Deafblind communication
Irene talks about her Run Projects idea to create a DVD
Jasmine: mindDog provides a new leash on life!
I applied for a Run Project because I wanted to gain my confidence back and have more stability in my life. 
Kylie and Nas: Learning from one another
Nas and Kyle worked together as mentor and mentoree in the Wollongong program. 
Laura Barton and Karen Walker: Compliments and Complaints
Laura and Karen worked with their local health district to make an easy to understand video resource about making a compliment or complaint in hospital.
Living Life My Way
Alanna transforms from public speaker to full blown leader. 
Making decisions
Shu talks about making her own decisions
Omar – living for every second, every day
"We only get one show. So live your life now, while the lights are still on."
Persistence and Resilience: From institutions to aged care
This is the story of Debbie McKenzie's life and her participation in the Become a Leader program. It was told to My Choice Matters by Debbie and her support worker Gillian.
Q&A with Upcoming Leader Quang Nguyen
Quang is a graduated Parramatta leader, forging the way for leaders with an intellectual disability. 
Reaching out
Wil and Nat discuss why it is important to reach out to get the support you need.
Robina Yasmin: My Culture, My Religion, My Choice
On the 18th December 2014 & the 29th January 2015 forums were held at MDAA NSW hosted by Robina Yasmin.
Speaking Up & Rights
To have the good life that you want you need to say what you want and you need to say when you are not happy. This section will give you tips to speak up. It will help you get ready when you want to speak ...
Speaking up against discrimination
Carol talks about working and dealing with discrimination
Virginia Divall: A resource for mental health nurses
Virginia received a grant to tell her mental health journey on film. She worked with John Hurley from Southern Cross University to create the DVD and met and negotiated with universities herself encouraging ...
Wil, Nat and Wezz - The full story
Watch as Wil and Nat talk about Wezz's story.
William Bagatcholon: Being gay and Christian
I am a carer but also a person with my own hopes and dreams. However throughout my life I have often felt that I needed to hold my true self back.