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Barbara – one step at a time
"I think it's important to be open minded about people and people's vulnerability, certainly with mental health."
Clare Walsh: Reflections on leadership
Clare Walsh was selected to take part in our Young Leaders 2016 program. Running between March and May this year, the course was the final face-to-face installment in our Become a Leader program and focused ...
Daniel Bonello: When baby steps turn into leaps
Daniel tells us about all that he learnt and how his life has transformed since the program finished. He is a graduate of the Penrith program.
George – standing up for rights
"My ability to assist people to stand up for their rights is very important for me."
Glenn Kesbah: Disability access and mobility audit
Most disabled toilet doors have spring closer mechanisms that are set way too hard for me to open
A goal is something you want. Sometimes you have to plan how to make a goal happen. Achieving a goal may take many different steps and could take a short time or a long time. You can have small goals and ...
Graeme and Ralph – friends for life
Graeme and Ralph have been friends for several decades and live in the same group home.
There are four workbooks in this Become a Leader course. We think you will learn the most if you complete them in order, 1 - 4. We always suggest working with somebody that you trust or at least having ...
Jasmine: mindDog provides a new leash on life!
I applied for a Run Project because I wanted to gain my confidence back and have more stability in my life. 
Jonathan Tang
Jonathan talks about how he has dealt with the changes in his life.
Laura Barton and Karen Walker: Compliments and Complaints
Laura and Karen worked with their local health district to make an easy to understand video resource about making a compliment or complaint in hospital.
Leonie Slade: Community through communications
Leonie’s experience in the leadership program was a positive one. She wanted to convey her perspective as a person with a hearing disability.
Living Life My Way
Alanna transforms from public speaker to full blown leader. 
Making decisions
Shu talks about making her own decisions
Omar – living for every second, every day
"We only get one show. So live your life now, while the lights are still on."
Open Cage Ensemble: A Midsummer's Nightmare
Open Cage Ensemble is an inclusive arts ensemble located in Newcastle. Creative Director Erika Gelzinnis, along with a number of ensemble members, applied for a Run Projects grant to tour their production ...
Reaching out
Wil and Nat discuss why it is important to reach out to get the support you need.
Speaking Up & Rights
To have the good life that you want you need to say what you want and you need to say when you are not happy. This section will give you tips to speak up. It will help you get ready when you want to speak ...
Speaking up against discrimination
Carol talks about working and dealing with discrimination
Steve – a vision for the future
"Becoming blind’s not too bad."
Trying New Things
When you try new things you not only have a new experience but you meet new people. This is good for feeling connected in your community.  You just have to remember that when you don't like one new thing, ...
Virginia Divall: A resource for mental health nurses
Virginia received a grant to tell her mental health journey on film. She worked with John Hurley from Southern Cross University to create the DVD and met and negotiated with universities herself encouraging ...
Wil, Nat, and Wez
Wil, Nat, and Wez have learnt a thing or two on their journey as a family.