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Book About Me
Lots of people have decided to make a book about themselves to help other people get to know them and support them better. It means that instead of thinking about these things each time you meet somebody ...
Making choices is an important part of taking control of your life.┬áMaking choices is not always easy. Some choices will take some time. You may need to talk to other people to get ideas. You may need ...
Choosing A Service Provider
You may need support to do the things that you want to do. You may want to use a service provider to help with that. It is an important decision that you should think about carefully. There are tips about ...
Dealing with the future
Wil and Nat talk about dealing with expectations and their dreams.
Erika Lake: My Big Plan workshops
A group of Port Macquarie carers saught funding to implement a series of workshops using the person centred planning strategy 'My Big Plan.  ...
... big goals, but all goals are important in planning and taking control of your life. Click on the colourful boxes below to download the resources. Workbook 1 - Thinking about what you want Workbook ...
Hannen's life
Hannen talks about growing up with disability
Hannen's plan
Hannen talks about her plans for the NDIS.
Managing a Personal Budget
When you get funding from the government you have to make choices about managing money. It can be confusing. What do I need to do to manage a budget? What can I spend my money on? What help do I want to ...
Tips on getting support
Gayle Kennedy talks about her experiences getting support.