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All the way to India
A trip to India really made Nidhi think about inclusion. 
Barbara – one step at a time
"I think it's important to be open minded about people and people's vulnerability, certainly with mental health."
Dane – born to run
"I have a good life because I get out in the community."
Dealing with the future
Wil and Nat talk about dealing with expectations and their dreams.
Graeme and Ralph – friends for life
Graeme and Ralph have been friends for several decades and live in the same group home.
Inspired by those around me
Lauren reflects on what the Become a Leader program meant for her. 
Jasmine: mindDog provides a new leash on life!
I applied for a Run Project because I wanted to gain my confidence back and have more stability in my life. 
Judith – different, positive, creative
"I love being different, I’m not the same as anybody else."
Kellie – a social butterfly
"Everybody knows Kell… she’s a bit of a celebrity in Wagga."
Lauren Hislop
Lauren explores choice and control in her life and what it's like to work with others. 
Local Community Connections
Being part of a community makes us feel like we belong. It makes us feel connected and like we can depend on people when we need to. In turn, these people can depend on us. Having community connections ...
Making Friends
Meeting new people and getting to know those people better is called making friends. The best way to make friends is to be places where people are.  Click on the colourful boxes below to download the ...
Making friends and connections
Friends and connections are an essential part of anybodys life however for people with disability it's not always as simple as Nidhi Shekeran explores in this piece about social inclusion...
Nidhi Shekeran
Nidhi explores social inclusion in different settings. 
Persistence and Resilience: From institutions to aged care
This is the story of Debbie McKenzie's life and her participation in the Become a Leader program. It was told to My Choice Matters by Debbie and her support worker Gillian.  ...
Robert – ideas, ambitions, love and humour
"I was born with cerebral palsy, but that is not who I am. I’m a man with ideas, ambitions, love and humour."
Setting Goals and having fun
Anthony talks about setting short-term goals and the things he does
Trying New Things
When you try new things you not only have a new experience but you meet new people. This is good for feeling connected in your community.  You just have to remember that when you don't like one new thing, ...