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Anthony Mulholland
Being independent and having fun are important for Anthony to have a good life. 
Chris Tia: Learning to walk again
Report on the trial of Cyberdyne's HAL exoskeleton device, a potential walking aid for people with Polio by Christopher Tia.
Clare Walsh: Reflections on leadership
Clare Walsh was selected to take part in our Young Leaders 2016 program. Running between March and May this year, the course was the final face-to-face installment in our Become a Leader program and focused ...
Where you live can make a big difference to how happy you are. This section will give you ideas if you are thinking about changing the place you live or if you want to move to a place that suits you.  ...
Jonathan Tang
Jonathan talks about how he has dealt with the changes in his life.
Local Community Connections
Being part of a community makes us feel like we belong. It makes us feel connected and like we can depend on people when we need to. In turn, these people can depend on us. Having community connections ...
Managing a Personal Budget
When you get funding from the government you have to make choices about managing money. It can be confusing. What do I need to do to manage a budget? What can I spend my money on? What help do I want to ...
Nathan Basha
Watch Nathan talk about his funding and becoming more independent.
Open Cage Ensemble: A Midsummer's Nightmare
Open Cage Ensemble is an inclusive arts ensemble located in Newcastle. Creative Director Erika Gelzinnis, along with a number of ensemble members, applied for a Run Projects grant to tour their production ...
Resources in your language
My Choice Matters has translated three of our most popular planning tools into a number of community languages. Please see below for the Good Life workbooks 1, 2, and 3 in simplified Chinese, traditional ...
Setting Goals and having fun
Anthony talks about setting short-term goals and the things he does
Trying New Things
When you try new things you not only have a new experience but you meet new people. This is good for feeling connected in your community.  You just have to remember that when you don't like one new thing, ...
Wil, Nat and Wezz - The full story
Watch as Wil and Nat talk about Wezz's story.
Wil, Nat, and Wez
Wil, Nat, and Wez have learnt a thing or two on their journey as a family.