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Making choices is an important part of taking control of your life.¬†Making choices is not always easy. Some choices will take some time. You may need to talk to other people to get ideas. You may need ...
Choosing Staff
Choosing what you want to do is great. Choosing who supports you to do it can make a big difference, too. Lots of people have decided to choose who supports them and what they will do. It's a big decision ...
Erika Lake: My Big Plan workshops
A group of Port Macquarie carers saught funding to implement a series of workshops using the person centred planning strategy 'My Big Plan.
Kate and Philip: Independent Living in Denmark
Philip and Kate are both young people with muscular dystrophy. Living independently is both a dream and a challenge for them and so they traveled to Denmark to explore the country's renowned independent ...
Resources for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community
Below there are resources made for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.¬† My Choice Matters resources Good Life Workbook 1: Needs and Dreams Good Life Workbook 2: Feeling Valued Good ...

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