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A Good Life
Thinking about a good life is really important. What do you want to happen in your life? What will make your life good? What things do you want to stay the same and what do you want to change? The following ...
A personal story of choice and control
Written by Lauren Hislop. Lauren a social researcher with three university degrees.
Anthony Mulholland
Being independent and having fun are important for Anthony to have a good life. 
Becoming independent
Anthony talks about why he wanted to become independent
Carolyn Campbell - McLean
Carolyn talks about how she manages her life independently.
Choosing A Service Provider
You may need support to do the things that you want to do. You may want to use a service provider to help with that. It is an important decision that you should think about carefully. There are tips about ...
Choosing Staff
Choosing what you want to do is great. Choosing who supports you to do it can make a big difference, too. Lots of people have decided to choose who supports them and what they will do. It's a big decision ...
Ellie Robertson
Ellie talks about managing her own funding 
Erika Lake: My Big Plan workshops
A group of Port Macquarie carers saught funding to implement a series of workshops using the person centred planning strategy 'My Big Plan.
Gayle Kennedy
Gayle talks about culturally sensitive services and how to get support. 
Hannen Abdallah
Hannen talks about her life and supports. 
Where you live can make a big difference to how happy you are. This section will give you ideas if you are thinking about changing the place you live or if you want to move to a place that suits you.  ...
Importance of Aboriginal services
Gayle Kennedy talks about why it is important for Aboriginal people with disability to be able to access Aboriginal services.
Jonathan Tang
Jonathan talks about how he has dealt with the changes in his life.
Managing a Personal Budget
When you get funding from the government you have to make choices about managing money. It can be confusing. What do I need to do to manage a budget? What can I spend my money on? What help do I want to ...
My Learning Matters
My Learning Matters is an online tool made by My Choice Matters to help you get the most out of the changing disability support system. We want you to be as prepared as possible and this means you have ...
Reaching out
Wil and Nat discuss why it is important to reach out to get the support you need.
Resources from other organisations
Below are a list of resources made by other organisations. We have divided them into the themes; Good Life, Care and Support, New Skills, Your Community, and Planning and Goals.  Good Life A Place ...
Speaking Up & Rights
To have the good life that you want you need to say what you want and you need to say when you are not happy. This section will give you tips to speak up. It will help you get ready when you want to speak ...
Tips on getting support
Gayle Kennedy talks about her experiences getting support.