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A Good Life
Thinking about a good life is really important. What do you want to happen in your life? What will make your life good? What things do you want to stay the same and what do you want to change? The following ...
Become a Leader Online
Become a Leader will let you learn how to be a leader in your own life and in the community. The topics are:  I am a leader Asking for what I want Working with others Making change We deliver ...
Becoming independent
Anthony talks about why he wanted to become independent
Carol's Story
Carol was told that she would never have a job, her own home or ...
Chris Tia: Learning to walk again
Report on the trial of Cyberdyne's HAL exoskeleton device, a potential walking aid for people with Polio by Christopher Tia.
Dealing with the future
Wil and Nat talk about dealing with expectations and their dreams.
Ellie Robertson
Ellie talks about managing her own funding 
Getting a job
Shu talks about going to TAFE to build up her skills and get a job
Glenn Kesbah: Disability access and mobility audit
Most disabled toilet doors have spring closer mechanisms that are set way too hard for me to open
<span class="highlight">Goals</span>&#160;...
A goal is something you want. Sometimes you have to plan how to make a goal happen. Achieving a goal may take many different steps and could take a short time or a long time. You can have small goals and ...
Hannen's life
Hannen talks about growing up with disability
Hannen's plan
Hannen talks about her plans for the NDIS.
Where you live can make a big difference to how happy you are. This section will give you ideas if you are thinking about changing the place you live or if you want to move to a place that suits you.  ...
There are four workbooks in this Become a Leader course. We think you will learn the most if you complete them in order, 1 - 4. We always suggest working with somebody that you trust or at least having ...
Kate and Philip: Independent Living in Denmark
Philip and Kate are both young people with muscular dystrophy. Living independently is both a dream and a challenge for them and so they traveled to Denmark to explore the country's renowned independent ...
Kylie and Nas: Learning from one another
Nas and Kyle worked together as mentor and mentoree in the Wollongong program. 
Laura Barton and Karen Walker: Compliments and Complaints
Laura and Karen worked with their local health district to make an easy to understand video resource about making a compliment or complaint in hospital.
My Learning Matters
...  Me Circle of Support Goals Work You can choose to complete all of them or you can just do the ones that you think are relevant. Click HERE to be taken to the My Learning Matters website. Ther ...
Nathan Basha
Watch Nathan talk about his funding and becoming more independent.
Open Cage Ensemble: A Midsummer's Nightmare
... A Midsummer's Nightmare to Sydney. Each member also worked to achieve some personal goals to do with travelling and independence on the trip too.  Content Warning: Swearing.   ...
Peter Vassallo: Photography dreams realised
Peter has a passion for photography and has pursued this through Run Projects. He describes the results as 'bloody awesome' and has even had an exhibition at Narooma Library in NSW, where he currently ...
Resources for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community
Below there are resources made for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.  My Choice Matters resources Good Life Workbook 1: Needs and Dreams Good Life Workbook 2: Feeling Valued Good ...
Resources from other organisations
Below are a list of resources made by other organisations. We have divided them into the themes; Good Life, Care and Support, New Skills, Your Community, and Planning and Goals.  Good Life A Place ...
Resources in your language
My Choice Matters has translated three of our most popular planning tools into a number of community languages. Please see below for the Good Life workbooks 1, 2, and 3 in simplified Chinese, traditional ...
Setting <span class="highlight">Goals</span> and having fun&#160;...
Anthony talks about setting short-term goals and the things he does  ...
Shu-Hua Chan
Shu talks about making choices and getting ready for a job. 
Having a job can be great. You can learn things, you can meet people, and you can get money to buy the things you want. You need to think carefully about the type of job you want. Then you need to think ...
Young-Joo Byun
Young-Joo is Korean and has been in Australia for 31 years.