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A Good Life
Thinking about a good life is really important. What do you want to happen in your life? What will make your life good? What things do you want to stay the same and what do you want to change? The following ...
A personal story of <span class="highlight">choice</span> and control&#160;...
Written by Lauren Hislop. Lauren a social researcher with three university degrees.
Andrew – making brave decisions
"When we’ve had to be brave, Andrew is the one who is brave first."
Carol's Story
Carol was told that she would never have a job, her own home or ...
Carolyn Campbell - McLean
Carolyn talks about how she manages her life independently.
<span class="highlight">Choice</span>&#160;...
Making choices is an important part of taking control of your life. Making choices is not always easy. Some choices will take some time. You may need to talk to other people to get ideas. You may need ...
Choosing A Service Provider
You may need support to do the things that you want to do. You may want to use a service provider to help with that. It is an important decision that you should think about carefully. There are tips about ...
Choosing Staff
Choosing what you want to do is great. Choosing who supports you to do it can make a big difference, too. Lots of people have decided to choose who supports them and what they will do. It's a big decision ...
Ellie Robertson
Ellie talks about managing her own funding 
Gayle Kennedy
Gayle talks about culturally sensitive services and how to get support. 
Hannen Abdallah
Hannen talks about her life and supports. 
Lauren Hislop
Lauren explores choice and control in her life and what it's like to work with others.   ...
Making decisions
Shu talks about making her own decisions
Resources from other organisations
...  video that teaches young people with intellectual disability about choice and decision-making. (Speakout Advocacy) Supported Decision Making This is a guide to supporting people with disability to mak ...
Resources in your language
My Choice Matters has translated three of our most popular planning tools into a number of community languages. Please see below for the Good Life workbooks 1, 2, and 3 in simplified Chinese, traditional ...
Robert – ideas, ambitions, love and humour
"I was born with cerebral palsy, but that is not who I am. I’m a man with ideas, ambitions, love and humour."
Shu-Hua Chan
Shu talks about making choices and getting ready for a job.   ...
Young-Joo Byun
Young-Joo is Korean and has been in Australia for 31 years.