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All the way to India
A trip to India really made Nidhi think about inclusion. 
Andrew – making brave decisions
"When we’ve had to be brave, Andrew is the one who is brave first."
Dane – born to run
"I have a good life because I get out in the community."
Gayle Kennedy
Gayle talks about culturally sensitive services and how to get support. 
Hannen Abdallah
Hannen talks about her life and supports. 
Importance of Aboriginal services
Gayle Kennedy talks about why it is important for Aboriginal people with disability to be able to access Aboriginal services.
In the workplace
What does inclusion in the workplace really look like?
Inspired by those around me
Lauren reflects on what the Become a Leader program meant for her. 
Irene McMinn: Deafblind communication
Irene talks about her Run Projects idea to create a DVD
Kellie – a social butterfly
"Everybody knows Kell… she’s a bit of a celebrity in Wagga."
Local Community Connections
Being part of a community makes us feel like we belong. It makes us feel connected and like we can depend on people when we need to. In turn, these people can depend on us. Having community connections ...
Making Friends
Meeting new people and getting to know those people better is called making friends. The best way to make friends is to be places where people are.  Click on the colourful boxes below to download the ...
Making friends and connections
Friends and connections are an essential part of anybodys life however for people with disability it's not always as simple as Nidhi Shekeran explores in this piece about social inclusion...
Nidhi Shekeran
Nidhi explores social inclusion in different settings. 
Persistence and Resilience: From institutions to aged care
This is the story of Debbie McKenzie's life and her participation in the Become a Leader program. It was told to My Choice Matters by Debbie and her support worker Gillian.
Public transport
A look at how accessible public transport really is. 
Robina Yasmin: My Culture, My Religion, My Choice
On the 18th December 2014 & the 29th January 2015 forums were held at MDAA NSW hosted by Robina Yasmin.
William Bagatcholon: Being gay and Christian
I am a carer but also a person with my own hopes and dreams. However throughout my life I have often felt that I needed to hold my true self back.