Getting your care and support right is really important for a good life. 

This section will give you lots of ideas for thinking about the type of people you work well with and what suits you best. 

You learn new skills all the time, it's what makes life exciting and challenging!

In this section we look at some important skills you will need to learn with the new disability support system.

Your community is where you connect with other people, this can be your town or street, or a group of people who enjoy or have the same interests to you.

This section has resources about getting connected to the community, and there is information about your rights in the community.

It's important to be able to think about what you want and work out how to get it.

The resources in this section will help you figure out the best way to work out your goals and how to make a plan to achieve those goals. There's also a section on successful budgeting which is useful when you're planning things that involve money.

We've created tools so that you can work as an individual or group and become a leader today!

There are two options, you can click on the 'Indivduals' button and complete the workbook at your own pace. We always recommend working with somebody that you trust or at least having somebody to talk to when you need to. The other option is to click on the 'Groups' button and do the course as a group, with somebody helping facillitate it. This could be your self-advocacy group, some people that go to your service, or even just a group of likeminded friends or family. 

And remember, you can always do our Become a Leader face-to-face training. Find out more