My name is Nidhi Shekaran and I was born in India 30 years ago when there was no awareness about disability and not many support services available. I was diagnosed with mild Cerebral palsy at the age of 7 and with mild vision impairment. I left India at 11 to move to New Zealand where I received therapy services in school and was referred to ongoing services such as swimming, horse riding and adaptive technology for school. New Zealand was a very supportive country for people with disabilities.

I moved to Australia when I was 16 and completed school, although I did not feel very accepted and found it very difficult to access services at the beginning. This is why I've written this series of blogs. Social inclusion can help build people's independence, can help you learn social skills which particularly help build stronger relationships. It gives a person with a disability a stronger sense of community and may help build support networks particularly in times of need, which can make you feel less isolated. I feel that even though acceptance and inclusion can take a long time it has serious benefits. I hope that people with disability understand that there are lots of services in Australia to help you deal with specific issues and remember that having a disability does not have to stop you achieving your goals

Read the blogs below to find out more about social inclusion.

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In the workplace

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a collage of the eiffel tower and other famous buildings sitting on top of half a globe

All the way to India

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Public transport

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a group of friends

Making friends and connections

Friends and connections are an essential part of anybodys life however for people with... Read More