Run Projects


closeup of dog with minddog vest onI applied for a Run Project because I wanted to gain my confidence back and have more stability in my life.

My project was to purchase and train my own psychiatric assistance dog through mindDog.

I have always loved animals and wanted an animal companion in my life. I also wanted to have more responsibility, get out of the house more, learn, study and accomplish something.

My dog is called Chloe. I know that having Chloe will be a long term commitment. I want her to get lots of training so she will pass the Public Access Test. This will mean she is a certified psychiatric assistance animal. I also want to keep making her life as enjoyable as I can by taking her for walks to her favourite places and by making training fun.

a dog on grass with a ball behind itHaving her in my life has already helped me to make so many good things happen.

I am a lot better at speaking up now. I needed to make a lot of phone calls and ask a lot of questions at TAFE, at shops and over the phone to make my project happen. I've also helped raise awareness about the mindDog program by getting an article published in a local newsletter. I wouldn’t have been able to do these things without getting a Run Project grant.

I get out of the house a lot more because of my dog. I can take her to appointments, to the shops...basically anywhere! This makes me feel more comfortable in these sometimes stressful situations. I've made some friends. This is something that I usually find quite difficult. I've learnt how to use time management skills which is important to me because it's something that I've struggled with. I can finally feel organised!

a dog on tiles with the word stay written in dog treatsI feel more confident and my health is slowly improving. I look forward to waking up in the mornings and getting outside to go for walks (if I don’t go, I get the sad eyed look which usually works straight away!). Being there for my dog and providing for her is really important to me. It has given me a sense of purpose.

Through my project I also completed a Cert II and III in Animal Studies which has given me training and skills in animal care. I have a passion for animals and, in particular, would like to breed birds. I know this will help me prepare to get a job when I am ready. I really don’t think I could have done this all without My Choice Matters and my dog Chloe.

Having my dog with me every day has changed my life. I feel like I can accomplish things now and I am ready to tackle even more goals.