Become a Leader


QuangQuang (pictured to the left) is a graduate of the Parramatta leadership program. 

What is involved in Become a Leader?

I attend workshops with other people with a disability or people who are carers of a person with a disability. We learn how to develop our skills in public speaking, organisation, team work, and how to think outside the square. I learn about leadership and how to use that in my own life and with people in the community.

Do you enjoy the leadership course?

The leadership program is great for people with disabilities, allowing them to be involved in their interests, further allowing them to make decisions. I get to meet new people and establish new friendships. It gives me an opportunity to further develop my current leadership skills and figure out how I can go further. It can also be life changing.

What have you learnt in the leadership program?

The leadership program has helped me with learning how to make decisions and also being able to share thoughts and ideas. I've learnt group work skills by completing a Social Change project. I've learnt presentation skills and how to get my message out in a clear manner. And I've learnt organisation skills so that I can manage different tasks when working in a group and meet deadlines

How does Become a Leader give you confidence and choice, voice and control?

I have learnt how to communicate my message in a much clearer way. I get to speak to other people about my passion for advocating on issues that affect people with a disability. It has also allowed me to think of more ideas.

What about your mentor...what do you guys talk about?

My mentor and I meet to discuss how I can further develop my leadership skills. I have also had the opportunity to bounce ideas off them and get their point of view. It also means I have someone else supporting me to achieve my goals. I have spoken to my mentor about transport issues and have received help writing a letter to the NSW Minister for Transport. My mentor also helps me look into the future for transport issues which is a passion of mine.

Why do you like having a mentor?

Having a mentor means I have someone else in my support network and they give me more confidence.