Run Projects


Erica P1A group of Port Macquarie carers sought funding to implement a series of workshops using the person centred planning strategy 'My Big Plan.

Most of the participants were adults aged from their mid 20s to 50, who live, or aspire to live, independently. Each particpant requires some level of ongoing support from family and/or service providers.

Three of the participants are currently engaged in work activities and three attend a range of day programs.

Spontaneously drawn together by the popularity of blue, a group of participants, carers and one of the team facilitators chat over morning tea. Creating a friendly, relaxed, and safe atmosphere was a key to enhancing everyone's engagement.

The five workshops focused on a central question:

'What would it take for this young man or woman to have an interesting, fulfilling life, where they can get to know people who would become their friends and be able to make a contribution to the local community?' 

The five workshops took participants on a journey focusing on:

  1. Introduction of the central question (above). Then looking at 'who I am and who needs to be on my team'.
  2. What does interesting and fulfilling look like in terms of gifts/strengths?
  3. What does interesting and fulfilling look like in terms of dreams?
  4. Working on community directions - making my contributions to and new connections in my community.
  5. Making an action plan - pulling it together and identifying my next steps

Erica p2

My Big Plan Workshop Facilitator, Anna, challenged participants to dream. She modeled the task by sharing and recording some of her own dreams.

Each workshop follows a similar format. The following is a story about the workshop 'Working on my dreams'...

Erica p3

Tanya discussing her dreams with members of her support team.

Erica p4

Josh's team helping him to explore his dreams

man and woman sitting at a table in discussion

Team support member Paul encouraging Leigh to explore her dreams.

Erica p6

Participants used words and illustrations to create their own dream posters.

Erica p7

Tanya creating a poster about her dreams.

Erica p8

Participants share their dreams with everybody in the workshop.

Erica p9

Anna values and discusses dreams that were shared, drawing out more details about a participant's plans to live in her own place and her aspirations to learn about anime and travel.

Erica p10

Leigh sharing her dreams about living independently and mastering new responsibilities at her work.

After the presentations participants were congratulated and encouraged to keep working on their dreams until the next workshop.

They were also asked to keep a short diary about their daily activities during the coming week and to start thinking about the places in the wider community that are important to them.