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Our workshops are free and open to anyone with a disability or who is a family member or carer, and we are able to supply interpreters, personal care and other assistance to make them as accessible as possible.

We also run entire workshops and classes in various other languages, such as Arabic, Vietnamese and Chinese. 

Get More Skills: Good Life Workshops

• Think about what makes a good life for you
• Practise setting goals and speaking up
• Understand your NDIS plan
• Take home tools to help you prepare for your NDIS meetings

We run workshops all throughout NSW, check out the dates and locations.

We work with people with disability and their families to live life their way and get the most out of the changing disability system. Our goal is to help people learn and practice new ways of doing things and develop and grow skills in three key areas: choice, voice and control – three very important qualities people should have in their own lives.

This not only requires new skills and knowledge, but also new thinking and confidence, and this is what our Get More Skills workshops look to achieve. The workshops talk about the NDIS, particularly in relation to how thinking about goals can help make the most of the new system. We provide practical activities to help people think about choice, voice and control in their lives, or the lives of people that they support. 

“We give people the chance to really think about their lives and the things that are important to them as individuals, rather than just what is ‘on offer.’ They start considering hopes and dreams that they had put to the side due to lack of opportunity. People walk away feeling they have a practical starting point and that they know how to move forward towards a good life”. - Workshop facilitator Adele Tashkin 

Peer group training: Team Up

We believe peer support should be available to everyone. We are running free training across the state to build your skills and confidence in peer support. All our training is delivered by peers for peers. Three types of training are available. Find out more and register at the Team Up website.

Team Up is a project of Council for Intellectual Disability (which brings you My Choice Matters), Community Disability Alliance Hunter, and Diversity and Disability Alliance. Team Up is funded by the NSW Government. Find out more about Team Up.

My Learning Matters class 

My Learning Matters is an e-learning tool and we run face to face classes to help get you started!

My Learning Matters helps you to get prepared for the NDIS and to get the most out of life, the online course covers things like:  

• Choosing a service provider
• Community Connections
• Speaking up and rights
• Managing a budget

During the face to face class we'll take you thruogh the sign in process and run through some of the modules. You'll then be comfortable and confident to finish the course at home and at your own pace.

If you have your own iPad please bring it along!

Check out our calender for our My Learning Matters class dates and locations.

Become A Leader class

Become A Leader is a new e-learning tool that will help you be a leader in your life and in the community around you. Before you start your Become A Leader course online, come along and join us at one of our face to face classes to get you started on your leadership journey.

Learn about:
• Leadership
• Asking for what you want
• Making changes
• Working with others

Check out our calender for our Become a Leader class dates and locations.